Birdman talks to guests at the Pour Station Ribbon cutting and Stefan Wehnau from High Country Crossing talks about upcomming events.

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Birdman talks with Laura Higgins of the White Mountain Tuition Support Foundation about "Instead."

Learn how the AZ Tax Credit doesn't cost you a penny.

Support local kids and education by deciding where your tax dollars are spent.



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Birdman talks to Sunshine Tippets about the Bringing Light to Dementia‚Ä®, Making Successful Dementia Relationships November 6, 2014 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Presented by

Frena Gray-Davidson

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Learn about the White Mountain Community Freehold and Birdman Chats with some of the crew from the Chamber B&E show.

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All about a new membership deal, The Hub Gun Acdemy and Law-a-Way details

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The audio from the show as seen on City4's Chamber Business and Events Show.

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Steve North with the City of Show Low and Show Low Mainstreet talks about the upcoming event, what will be happening and the way to participate if you'd like.

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As you'll hear I over modulated the mic a bit. I'm sorry about that, but the only way you learn is by doing.

And learning is what the Safety Fair is all about. This event was held outside in front of the Blue Ridge Middle School and was all about keeping kids and their families safe. Learn about what the kids are learning all this month all over the White Mountains.



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Audio from the Chamber B&E show from City4 TV.


Full Video @

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Stefan Wehnau joins Birdman to talk about the upcoming events that will be happening in the White Mountains.



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