Just wanted everyone to have a great day!

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Learn all about White Mountain Youth Productions and how to support them.


For more detals contact 

Kerri Jones 520-245-4022


Mel West 928-532-4160 - mwest@showlowaz.gov

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Birdman talks with The City of Show Low all about the events leasing up to the Dropping of the Deuce in Market Square.

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Birdman chats with David from Shanty Town all about the Deals that will be dropping at Shanty Town in Show Low.

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Birdman chats with Amie Rodgers about the current issue of the Maverick Magazine and the December issue that will be published soon.

Amie also talks about the subscription special.

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Dave Sherman from the Salvation Army stops in the chat with Birdman about all the events and activities the Salvation Army is involved in this holiday season.

Want to learn how to help, just listen for details.

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Please support the sponsors of Birdman on the Mountain and tell them you heard them on the show!

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Learn all about Tommy Boy, from how he got into radio to how he got his name.

He is Live and In Studio every weekday morning and he actually lives here in the White Mountains as well.

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Black Friday is coming and Sears has the deals. 

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Birdman talks with Renee about her background and time as White Mountain Radio.

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