At first glance the Main Street Caffee seems to be just another coffee shop, but once you step inside you'll discover it is much more.

Brought to you by PersNikkty's is of course feature their famous cupcakes and pastries, but they also have salads and paninis avaible for that lunch on the run.

Stop by, say hello, drink, eat and use their WiFi. It's a great place on the Deuce.

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Birdman and Cheryl from America One Storage, Mail and Ship talk about what you need and what's provided when you rent a storage space. 

Also about the truck they let you use when you need to move stuff.

Learn about the approval process and the way you can have 24/7 access to your valuble, which will always be high and dry, even when it storms.


Check out -

Where you can reserve a space or even pay online.

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