Inspired by winter athletes who battle the elements to go beyond the boundaries to make the unbelievable a reality, the Wrangler Backcountry Edition combines eye-catching styling with condition-conquering capability. Designed with a don’t-hold-back attitude and equipped for action, the Backcountry Edition is for those who want to take life head-on and make the most of every experience and adventure.




Wrangler Backcountry Edition features black McKinley leather-trimmed seat bolsters with sport mesh inserts for comfort and support. Heated front seats and automatic temperature controls help keep the cold away while diesel gray accent stitching adds distinction to the seats and front door armrests. The front and rear door grab handles and vent rings are painted piano black for added contrast.

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Pat and Birdman talk about how Hatch Motor Company's approach to dealing with customers is not only good, but how it is different than most these days.


And that makes all the difference.




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If you always wanted this car then look no further, 10s of thousands off the original sticker price and only 6000 miles.


Click Now

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Sometimes even a seasoned veteran of car deals can be surprised. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't get a car, you should always try. Listen as Pat tells a story from last week.


Also a great deal on a leftover vehicle from the last model year.

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You might have seen a recent post on Facebook about "Lies you need to know about when shopping for a vehicle."


Although we have addressed these in the past, we thought we'd run through them to see how we are doing now.

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Here is a vehicle in stock today at Hatch Motor Company.

Click for Website

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Pat and Birdman discuss the recent video about what's replaced the spare tire and also all about the 2016 Ram Power Wagon (Watch for a video next week.)


Click to see al about Hatch Motor Company



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Another quick video from Hatch Motor Company, this time showing off how technology has replaced the conventional Spare Tire in vehicles.

Next week we will talk about this in more detail and also about shopping in the Winter.

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As we talk about in the most recent podcast, here are the "yellow" zones that allow you to "Keep It Simple" with your maintenance.

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Pat and Birdman chat about how easy maintenance can be with the newer vehicles.

The companion video shows off exactly what they talk about.

Click for all the Keep it Simple Episodes

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