Welcome to Mingling on The Mountain, a show that let's you know what's up with the Sponsors that make BIRDMAN ON THE MOUNTAIN happen.

Listen as Pat and Birdman talk all about the special deals and things you just wouldn't know about the vendors we deal with and buy from weekly.


The following are the sponsors of the BIRDMAN ON THE MOUNTAIN show, please visit them and give them your support when you can, as they make this show possible. 

Premier Sponsor - Cellular One

Hatch Motor Company

Frontier Communications

Active Digital Signage

America One Storage - Mail and Ship

Bodyworks Health and Fitness

Haven of Show Low

High Country Crossing

The Lion's Den

Maverick Magazine

New Horizons Physical Therapy

North Star Business Center

North Star Salon


Pet Food Warehouse

The Pour Station - WM Purified Water

Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar

Solterra Senior Living

Vinnedge Signworks

Your Hometown Sears (Celebrating 20 Years on the Mountain)

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Melody from Bodyworks Health and Fitness Center stops in to talk about the Center and all that's going on, including the deals you can get to work out and enjoy all the amenities at Bodyworks.






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Click to see the Main Street Caffee FB Page


Birdman sits down to talk to the Dynamic Duo that lives, breathes and sleeps the dream of their life.

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Brenda Garvin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Bodyworks as its new manager. 

Listen as she talks about her past in fitness and her philosphy regarding health and fitness.

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner.

If you are looking for a lite lunch, the Main Street Caffe has got you covered.

Listen and you'll find out all about it.

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Jim Leech talks about how things got started at New Image Autobody and how they have evolved.

From tint, to hats and BBQ

New Image Autobody Facebook Page

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Solterra Senior Living has a move in special for the Month of Februrary and also has a couple events coming through March.

Listen as Sunshine Tibbets of Solterra Senoir Living tells us all about the special and the events.

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I know you've seen them at various retails and establisments around town. Well listen as Birdman talks with Eric Nietzel and learns all about what they are and how they help you find out what deals are in town and even out of town.

Click for Website

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Want to know why the gas prices are suddenly plummeting? Why Gold and Silver aren't the investment you might think they should be?

Listen as Kahua gives us some insight on the market and what he's doing to help people be better invested in their future.

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At first glance the Main Street Caffee seems to be just another coffee shop, but once you step inside you'll discover it is much more.

Brought to you by PersNikkty's is of course feature their famous cupcakes and pastries, but they also have salads and paninis avaible for that lunch on the run.

Stop by, say hello, drink, eat and use their WiFi. It's a great place on the Deuce.

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Birdman and Cheryl from America One Storage, Mail and Ship talk about what you need and what's provided when you rent a storage space. 

Also about the truck they let you use when you need to move stuff.

Learn about the approval process and the way you can have 24/7 access to your valuble, which will always be high and dry, even when it storms.


Check out - http://www.americaoneministorage.com

Where you can reserve a space or even pay online.

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30% off of Boots and All Clothing, just by stopping in and saying you heard it from Birdman.


Petfood Warehouse and Farmer's Market

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A special thanks to Anna Banks who was the first sponsor of Birdman on the Mountain.


Take a listen and I'l tell you about Your Local Hometown Sears Specials.

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Learn all the details about Silversword's new location and a couple tips about what you should be doing to ready yourself for the tax season.

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America One Storage,M and Ship is ready to get your packages to everyone just in time for Christmas.

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You may think that New Horizons Physical Therapy just happens to sit next to Bodyworks, but in reality they were built that way, both physically and for the purpose of getting and staying healthy.

Click for Bodyworks website

Click for New Horizons Physical Therapy website.

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Birdman talks with Garrett about Mol Films and December's Special.


Click for Mol Films website

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Birdman chats with David from Shanty Town all about the Deals that will be dropping at Shanty Town in Show Low.

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Birdman chats with Amie Rodgers about the current issue of the Maverick Magazine and the December issue that will be published soon.

Amie also talks about the subscription special.

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Please support the sponsors of Birdman on the Mountain and tell them you heard them on the show!

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Black Friday is coming and Sears has the deals. 

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