In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with JL Mealer, running for LD7 AZ Senate.

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In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with DiAnne Nivin running for Navajo County Clerk of Superior Court, Republican.


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In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Chuck Nicholson, running for Pinetop-Lakeside Town Council.


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In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Sterling Beus, running for Pinetop-Lakeside Town Council.

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In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Stephanie Irwin, Running for Mayor of Pinetop-Lakeside.
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In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Doyel Shamley who is running for State Representative, District 7.
Your Candidate: 

Doyel Shamley
State Representative - District 7

"As we seek to continually better our society, the role of rural Arizona becomes more and more critical all the time. With that role, comes the need to foster a better understanding of the role rural Arizona plays in our states vitality and economic base, renewable energy and natural resource sectors, watershed management, forest stewardship and wildlife/wildlife habitat. All of these factors, along with a clear understanding of these sectors and impacts, are what fostered my decision to run for AZ House of Representatives, LD-7. With my years of background experience in the areas of natural resource utilization, veterans affairs issues, my experience as an Apache County Supervisor, and my strong grasp on the issues effected by varying jurisdictions, I can work for the betterment of the citizens of LD-7 and the citizens of Arizona. We must strive for an environment in Arizona that supports a strong economy, economic freedom and vitality for our counties, cities and citizens, quality education for all students, personal freedom and economic security, and a debt-free future for Arizona. As a veteran I know that we can, and need to, do more for our veterans to insure a proper level of healthcare and transitional services."



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In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Lynn Krigbaum, who is running for Town Council in Pinetop-Lakeside.

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In this episode, Birdman chats with Lisa about No Fracking.
No Fracking AZ is a local (Navajo/Apache counties), grassroots effort aimed at halting the development of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations in Northern Arizona. We are entirely unpaid volunteers, from diverse backgrounds: we are homemakers, tradespeople, professionals, environmentalists and retirees. What we have in common is that we understand the real threat that fracking poses to our water, our land, and our way of life.
The news is full of stories of developers’ promises of economic development, followed by dire consequences. Communities and individuals throughout the United States have had their lives torn apart by illnesses, plummeting property values, and ruined water supplies. If you are wondering what you can do to help, please read our petition *here*.  It is a start.  If you would like to volunteer, please click Contact in the menu bar and let us know.
We need to stand up soon against corporate interests that are poised to change the character of our region. Once the fracking has begun, remediation of any problems will be like picking the pepper out of your mashed potatoes. We hope that you will join us in this struggle. Please fill out our contact form if you are willing to help, or have contacts that could assist us! We will also gratefully accept your donations; as a not-for-profit organization, each dollar you are able to send will have a direct and meaningful impact. Thank you for helping keep Arizona beautiful, safe, and frack-free!
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In this Special Edition Episode, Birdman chats with Keith, Town Manager and Kevin, Finance Director with The Town of Pinetop-Lakeside about Home Rule (Proposition 415).

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Proposition 415 – Alternative Expenditure Limitation (Home Rule Option)

Fast Facts:
• Proposition 415, the Alternative Expenditure Limitation (Home Rule Option), provides local control to meet local needs, instead of having to use a state-imposed formula based upon our 1979/1980 budget.
• Proposition 415 does NOT impose any new or additional taxes and does not raise existing taxes.
• Proposition 415 will NOT permit the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside to expend more than it receives in revenue.

Proposition 415 Alternative Expenditure FAQs:

1. What is an Expenditure Limitation Election?

In 1980 the electors of the State of Arizona approved a tax reform package that placed a new expenditure limitation on cities and towns. This limitation is based on expenditures in 1979 adjusted for population changes and inflation. State law allows local governments to alter the state-imposed limitation or adopt an alternative expenditure limitation (Home Rule Option) by referring the issue to the voters.

2. Why adopt a Home Rule Option (Alternative Expenditure Limitation)?

Any city or town can adopt its own "alternative" expenditure limitation that is free from any ties to the state-imposed limitation if a majority of the qualified electors voting on the issue at a town regular election vote in favor of the alternative limitation. There are no limitations on the form of this alternative limitation. An alternative limitation may be referred to the town voters by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the town council or qualified electors of the town may offer an alternative limitation through the initiative process (Article IX, Section 20, subsection 9, Arizona State Constitution).

3. What is a State-Imposed Expenditure Limitation?

Municipalities have the power to change their state-imposed expenditure limitation through voter approval. 85% of Arizona municipalities have changed their limit through either Home Rule or Permanent Base Adjustment options. Home Rule election is
conducted every four years; our last successful Home Rule election was in 2007. Home Rule is flexible because voters approve the option every four years. After voter approval, the expenditure limitation authority is part of the budget process.

4. When is the last time the Town adopted a home rule option?
It was last approved by the voters on May 15, 2007. The Home Rule Option remained in effect for four years and was referred for an extension on May 17, 2011, but was not approved by the voters.

Proposition 415 – Alternative Expenditure Limitation (Home Rule Option)

5. What is Proposition 415 Alternative Expenditure Limitation (Home Rule Option) and why is it on the ballot?

Pinetop-Lakeside voters are being asked to consider an Alternative Expenditure Limitation (Home Rule) option on the November 6, 2018 ballot. This option would eliminate the base dollar amount used under the state formula to calculate the Town’s expenditure limitation.

In 1979/80 an Arizona State Constitution amendment imposed expenditure limitations on all cities and towns in Arizona based on their 1978 actual expenditures and population (with an allowance for inflation). Like most cities and towns, Pinetop-Lakeside has seen significant growth since 1978. The Town incorporated in 1984. Because the Town did not incorporate until after the Constitution amendment, the State calculated our base rate.
The Town now provides many services it did not provide in 1984, such as its parks and recreation facilities and programs, library services and programs, new streets, and sidewalks. As Pinetop-Lakeside has grown, so too have revenues and operating costs.

6. What does a “Yes” vote on Proposition 415 mean?

A “Yes” vote means you are in favor of giving the Town’s elected officials the expenditure authority to set the Town’s annual spending limit based upon available revenues.

7. What does a “No” vote mean?

A “No” vote means you are not in favor of giving the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside additional expenditure authority and that you want the Town to stay strictly within the State Expenditure Limitation Program.

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In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Mazie Hastings, who is running for Town Council in Pinetop-Lakeside.

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In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Wendy Rogers, who is running for Arizona Congressional District 1.

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Your Candidate:

Wendy Rogers has led a life of service to her country and her community.

Daughter of a long line of Army officers, in 1976 Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers was commissioned as a 5th-generation military officer into the Air Force from Michigan State University with her bachelor’s degree and then master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Clinical Social Work. She began her career treating patients in the Air Force mental health clinic. In 1981, Wendy Rogers became one of the first 100 women pilots in today’s Air Force by earning her wings at Williams AFB in Arizona. Following Air Force jet training, Wendy piloted worldwide airlift and humanitarian missions in the C-141 transport jet for several years. Wendy then served as a flight instructor for cadets at the US Air Force Academy. The latter half of Wendy’s 20-year Air Force career placed her overseas. While in Europe, Wendy piloted Air Force C-21 Learjets and led three different operational divisions at Headquarters US Air Forces Europe. During the fall of the Berlin Wall and efforts to improve relations with former East Bloc countries, Wendy was deployed for six months downrange to run the Bosnian Airlift. She finished her career with over 3,000 hours of jet time and numerous commendations, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

After retiring from the Air Force in 1996 after twenty years of active duty, Wendy and her husband Hal (also a retired Air Force officer) started their own home inspection business. Their crew of Arizona-licensed home inspectors has worked throughout Coconino, Yavapai, Pinal and Maricopa counties. Hal is an electrical engineer who originally grew up on a Holstein dairy farm milking cows twice daily till age 18. Since Wendy and Hal relate on so many levels to the wholesome rural lifestyle of the area, they chose to make their retirement home Flagstaff’s Wildwood Hills. Wendy Rogers is uniquely able to serve the needs of the First Congressional District because she is able to pilot her own aircraft into many of the short-field runways in remote rural areas.

In addition to her degrees in social work, Wendy holds a second master’s degree in National Security Studies from Cal State San Bernardino. Wendy and Hal homeschooled their children George and Emily during their elementary years. George and Emily then graduated from an Arizona public charter high school and were merit-scholarship ASU Barrett Honors College Sun Devils. George was commissioned as an officer in the US Marine Corps in May 2009, later returning to Arizona to earn his PhD in electrical engineering at ASU in 2014. Emily graduated in 2012 with a Barrett Honors BA in German and Honors BS in international business and marketing. George and his wife are the proud parents a seven-year-old, a five-year-old, a two-year-old and newborn, adding the title of “proud grandparent” to Wendy’s life of accomplishment.

Wendy has been active in the local community as development director of an Arizona charter school, as a foster parent, and as an Arizona substitute teacher. Both Wendy and Hal are active, alert-roster-ready officers in the US Air Force auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), flying missions and participating in search and rescue efforts. Wendy Rogers’ maxim in life remains what her parents taught her from Luke 12:48: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”


Visit: or

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Recorded at the Birdman Studios.

In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Jarom Lewis, who is running for Show Low Justice of the Peace, Precinct #5.

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Your Candidate:

My name is Jarom Lewis and I am proud to be running for Justice of the Peace in precinct five. I was born and raised in Show Low and now my wife and I are raising our 5 children here. My family has lived in Show Low for at least six generations. I have a deep commitment to serving the people of the White Mountains. I have 17 years of experience as a police officer and security director. While working for the Arizona Department of Public Safety I served as a state trooper, gang enforcement detective, and narcotics detective. I was a deputized FBI task force member specializing in narcotics and violent crime investigations. I have experience in the court systems; both state and federal. I am a graduate of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement state authority academy. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in criminal justice studies from Norther Arizona University. I spent 3 seasons as a wildland firefighter prior to my law enforcement career. I have been involved in community youth activities and committees. My well-rounded background has prepared me to serve as the next Justice of the Peace with impartiality, firmness, compassion, understanding, and common sense.

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Recorded at the Birdman Studios.

In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Shirley Patterson running for Show Low Justice of the Peace, Precinct #5.

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Your Candidate:

Hi, my name is Shirley S. Patterson and I am running for Show Low
Justice of the Peace, Precinct #5.

I have lived in Show Low for over 30 years and Arizona for 53 years.

I am a proud graduate of Show Low High School.

I have worked in the court system for over 20 years.

I have been married to my husband Kenneth Patterson for 39 years. I have three children: Claudia, Matthew and Daniel Patterson, as well as five grandchildren.


Work History-
I started working at the Show Low City Court on December 7, 1995.
In September 2002 I became a Clerk of the Court.
In 2009 I was appointed Justice of the Peace Pro Tempore Judge for
Navajo County. At that time, I was also appointed as Associate
Magistrate Judge for the Show Low City Court. I currently still hold both positions.


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Recorded at the Birdman Studios.
In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Joe Clark running for Justice of the Peace, District 5.
About Joe Clark:
I was born in Safford and raised in Tucson. I served my mission in Scotland. When I got home, I did a year and a half of college then joined the Marine Corps earning the rank of Sergeant.  I graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. I then graduated from Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law in December 2008. I joined the County Attorney’s Office in June 2009. 
I have been nominated twice for Arizona Prosecutor of the Year for my work on domestic violence issues - especially crating the Domestic Violence Court program. I won the award in 2011. I currently concentrate on major drug crimes and veterans' issues. I helped create the Veterans' Court program that helps keeps veterans with service related mental health issues out of prison and in treatment.
My wife, Sarah, is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is mostly a stay at home mother, but works part time at the hospital. We have three children, Caroline (7), Joseph (5), and Allie (3).
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