Learn all the details about Silversword's new location and a couple tips about what you should be doing to ready yourself for the tax season.

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America One Storage,M and Ship is ready to get your packages to everyone just in time for Christmas.

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Birdman, Darrin from the Pizza Factory and Leah Chavez discuss bullying, gossip and talk about how we can all work together to help.

Understand how and why bullying happens and what we can all do to understand and minimize what it does.

From children to adults we all have experienced the harm caused by bullies and quite possible have bullied ourselves. But, did you know that their is a program in place to help children understand and that we all can participate in curbing the effects, even if you have no children.


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Crystal from the Pinetop Lakeside Chamber of Commerce and David Sargeant of the Pinetop Lakeside Police Department join Birdman and talk about what going on.

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Birdman Chats with Ken an avid Birdman on The Mountain listener and Laura from The White Mountain Symphony about this weekends Christmas Concert.

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Birdman talks with Tony Turley about the City Budget Process. How it is created, reviewed and accepted.

Also how residents may give input to the process and submit ideas.

The form talked about during this show can be found here - Citizen Budget Request Form

For more information the Show Low City Wesite is here - Click for website

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Birdman chats with the Pinetop / Lakeside Chamber and one of the two Founders of the Community Skating Rink.


The Skating Rink interview starts at 6:50 


To find more info use the links below.







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Learn about the concerts this weekend at the Show Low LDS Chapel and Blue Ridge Auditorium.

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Held every Thursday at 1pm in The Pour Station this is the show where you come talk about community events and happenings


This week we here from members of the Mountain Saddle Band about this Friday's Cowboy Christmas


The White Mountain's Clothe-a-Child about their event Dec 13th at K-Mart and the need for volunteers.


Click for The Pour Station website

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You may think that New Horizons Physical Therapy just happens to sit next to Bodyworks, but in reality they were built that way, both physically and for the purpose of getting and staying healthy.

Click for Bodyworks website

Click for New Horizons Physical Therapy website.

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