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AZ White Mountains Podcast

Aug 19, 2016

Interview with Roger Owens running for Navajo County Board of Supervisors - District IV


Here is the letter that was sent to both Candidates.



My Name is Rob Hephner and I am responsible for the BIRDMAN ON THE MOUNTAIN Podcast that reaches many of the Mountain’s residents weekly.

I strive to provide detailed and trustworthy information regarding community events and activities and for this reason I am offering both individuals running for the County Supervisor position of District IV the ability to discuss their vision and position on County issues.

Each interview will be held separately and will focus on the individual, please no discussing about others running, just yourself.

I will have 5 specific question that will be asked during each interview, but you are certainly able to talk about others as well.

I would like to make these interviews available as soon as possible since ballots will be in peoples hands very soon.

Please either call, text or email me and I can set up your interview ASAP.

The 5 questions will be as follows.

1 - What is your vision for Navajo County?
2 - Do you feel that the citizens have a connection to the Navajo County Board of Supervisors?
3 - What do you believe should be done to maintain Navajo County as a great place to live?
4 - What do you believe will be the biggest challenge to Navajo County in the coming years?
5 - Based upon the “Fiscal Cliff” that Navajo County faces, how do you believe the County should be spending money and in what areas should money be spent, likewise in what  areas do you believe there should be cuts?

All interviews will be conducted 1-on-1 in the Birdman Media Studio located at 518 W White Mountain Blvd
Lakeside AZ 85929. 
All interviews will run in real time without interruption or editing after.
There are no “gotcha” questions planned, however there may be questions that are asked based upon an answer to the original 5 questions.
Candidates will be limited to discuss their own views and not those of others, either positive or negative.
All interviews are Audio Recordings, I will make a short video of your speaking for an overview video to promote all of the podcasts.

I look forward to delivering your message to the voters and hope you have a blessed day