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AZ White Mountains Podcast

Feb 6, 2015

Recorded at The Pour Station in Show Low, Arizona The Community Shout is how you the listener can come in and tell what you've got going on. From charity events, to fundraisers and even just to comment on how cool your neighbor is, just stop by Thursdays at 1 pm to White Mountain Purified Water and The Pour Station, have a seat and tell everyone what going on.

This week's first segment is all about a dance you may have heard rumors about. Yes, they are true and Jerry Howell is here to tell us all the most up to date details. Get the exclusive details here first and check back in for updates as we head to the Aug 15, 2015 Dance. It is a USO themed 1940's military dance, that will be held in Hangar #1 of the Show Low Airport.

The Second Segment Starts @ 15:25 and features Stefan Wehnau of High Country Crossing talking about the next couple weeks of events.

Remember, if you have an event or happening, feel free to stop by, have a seat and shout it out to the over 1300 people that currently listen to Birdman on The Mountain