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AZ White Mountains Podcast

Apr 10, 2015

JamieLee London and Birdman talk about the Cellular One program and share a bit about their own personal experiences with bullying.

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#DELETEBULLYING Campaign Kicks Off This Week in White Mountain Middle & High Schools

Cellular One teams up with White Mountain Fire & Life Safety raise awareness around old and new kinds of bullying in an effort to diffuse the alarming trend of cyber-bullying attacks among today’s youth

(SHOW LOW, Arizona) February 26, 2015 – Cellular One today announced that it is teaming up with White Mountain Fire & Life Safety to launch an awareness campaign aimed at combating the potentially dangerous physical and emotional ramifications associated with teen bullying and cyber-bullying.

According to, about 60% of kids and teens report that something mean has been said about them or to them online or via text message, while about 35% say they have been threatened online. These alarming statistics were the impetus for Cellular One to launch the #DELETEBULLYING Campaign in partnership with White Mountain Fire & Life Safety. This spring, representatives from both organizations will visit local middle and high schools to present about the dangers of cyber-bullying and ask students to sign the #DELETEBEBULLYING pledge, committing signers to show self-control, avoid negativity, and respect others.

“As we put more and more smartphones and tablets into the hands of local teens, we feel a keen sense of responsibility to help teach them to use these devices wisely and responsibly,” said Cellular One CEO Judd Hinkle. “When used appropriately, smartphones are a lifeline and can enhance communication between parents, teens, and their peers. However, the prevalence of mobile devices also makes teens more vulnerable than ever to incidents of cyber-bullying. In the past, our Don’t Text & Wreck campaign rallied young drivers and their parents to make our community safer through creating greater awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Once again, we hope to enrich and potentially save lives by introducing our #DELETEBULLYING

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campaign and enlisting students to do their part to stay safe and prevent cyber-bullying by signing the pledge.”

Cellular One’s #DELETE BULLYING Pledge

At the core of the cyber-bullying campaign is the #DELETEBULLYING pledge. By signing the pledge, students commit to do their part to make the community free of hate and fear resulting from all types of bullying. This includes not partaking in bullying incidents, treating others with respect, reporting cases of bullying, and being a good role model for their peers.

Students will be asked to sign the pledge following a powerful interactive presentation by representatives from Cellular One and White Mountain Fire & Life Safety about the dangers of bullying and, specifically, the alarming trend of cyber-bullying. The campaign goal is to achieve a minimum of 10,000 signatures for the #DELETEBULLYING pledge throughout the community. The pledge can be signed via Cellular One’s Facebook page,, which is pinned at the top of the page timeline. The school with the most pledge signers will win a Cellular One awards party at the conclusion of the school year featuring a variety of coveted prizes -- smartphones, tablets, free data, Google Play and iTunes gift cards, and more.

“We are excited to collaborate with Cellular One on yet another important community-wide initiative – the eradication of cyber-bullying attacks,” said Kirk Webb of White Mountain Fire & Life Safety. “By bringing the #DELETEBULLYING message into local schools and sharing the pledge, we intend to make a lasting and powerful impression, showing students that we can join together to stand up to bullying, increase kindness, and potentially save lives.”