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AZ White Mountains Podcast

Jun 29, 2016


From the time Cody Lynn Macy could walk and talk, she has been entertaining audiences. She is an Arizona native and despite all of the traveling she has done in her life, she knows it is where her roots will always lie. Cody recorded her first album in Texas at the age of 9 and her second in Nashville at 12. She graduated high school at age 14 and had her AAS in Music Business by 2006. Throughout her life, Cody has spent a lot of time on the road fronting her own bands and performing as much as she could. She has performed multiple times at Country Thunder, both in Arizona and Wisconsin, and has opened for the likes of Charlie Daniels, Martina McBride, and Neal McCoy. She also records and performs with popular KLME radio hosts Tim and Willy and their All Earl Band. Even with her past accomplishments, Desert Dixie has given Cody Lynn a new and exciting way to flex her creative muscles and an outlet to really show her musical chops.



A proud Arizona native, J.T. was raised in a family where get-togethers often began and ended with everyone singing around a piano or guitar. It wasn’t until age 16 that he really pursued a musical path though. At the age of 19, J.T. packed his bags and took off for Nashville to learn about the craft of songwriting. Soon he was playing songwriter nights and showcases with some of the musicians he grew up admiring. J.T. learned not only how to write better songs and how to be a better player, but also how to truly entertain an audience while in Nashville. After the short time in Music City, J.T. stayed busy during college playing around Arizona as a solo act as well as with bands. Then, of course, he connected with Cody Lynn and eventually pursued Desert Dixie full force. J.T. was a finalist in the Young Guns contest held at Arizona's Country Thunder in 2004 and is a regular featured artist on the internet radio station