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AZ White Mountains Podcast

May 23, 2019

A Community Conversation:
How childhood trauma impacts your work and families

This discussion will focus on preventing the costly epidemic of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and family trauma by providing every community with the framework, technology, and training to implement a data-driven prevention program with results that include:
Safe Childhood
Successful Students
Productive Employees
Resilient Families
Healthy Communities
Speakers Dominic Cappello and Jill Stamm will be speaking on behalf of creating family-friendly and Trauma – Free Communities. Mr. Cappello and Dr. Stamm will be addressing brain development, trauma and long-term consequences to infants, children, families, students, the workforce and local economies, along with data driven, cross sector and tech-empowered prevention.

The Causes of ACEs and Trauma
Jill Stamm, PhD has been an associate clinical
professor at Arizona State University in Psychology
in Education for more than 25 years. She has been
with Arizona’s Children Association for 13 years.
Dr. Stamm is the author of Bright From the Start: The
Simple, Science-Backed Way to Nurture Your Child's
Developing Mind from Birth to Age 3. She is an
international speaker on brain research and serves
on the advisory board for The Learning & the Brain
Conference series.

The Data-Driven Prevention of ACEs and Trauma
Dominic Cappello is a New York Times bestselling
author, Oprah Winfrey guest, and coauthor of the
groundbreaking book Anna, Age Eight: the datadriven
prevention of childhood
trauma and maltreatment.

He developed the
Centers for Disease
Control-funded “Can We
Talk?” Family health communication
program and the
Child Welfare Leaders continuous
quality improvement
program used in NYC, NM,
CT and PA. He is currently
developing New Mexico’s
ACEs prevention system.
Download free-of-charge Anna,
Age Eight

This was a presentation held March 20, 2019 in Navajo County featuring Dr. Jill Stamm and Dominic Capello.

Childhood trauma is the root cause of almost every major challenge Navajo County faces: from the opioid crisis and violence, to low school achievement and underemployment.

Trauma is the result of adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, encompassing: physical and emotional neglect; physical, emotional and sexual abuse; and living in households where adults misuse substances, have mental health challenges, are violent to partners, parents are separated, or a family member is incarcerated. For both child and parent, this can mean hunger, homelessness and living in constant fear.

The more ACEs are endured, the more likely a child is to have emotional, educational and physical challenges. And every one of these challenges have negative financial implications for taxpayers.