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AZ White Mountains Podcast

Jul 31, 2018


In this Special Edition, Birdman chats with Doyel Shamley who is running for State Representative, District 7.
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Doyel Shamley
State Representative - District 7

"As we seek to continually better our society, the role of rural Arizona becomes more and more critical all the time. With that role, comes the need to foster a better understanding of the role rural Arizona plays in our states vitality and economic base, renewable energy and natural resource sectors, watershed management, forest stewardship and wildlife/wildlife habitat. All of these factors, along with a clear understanding of these sectors and impacts, are what fostered my decision to run for AZ House of Representatives, LD-7. With my years of background experience in the areas of natural resource utilization, veterans affairs issues, my experience as an Apache County Supervisor, and my strong grasp on the issues effected by varying jurisdictions, I can work for the betterment of the citizens of LD-7 and the citizens of Arizona. We must strive for an environment in Arizona that supports a strong economy, economic freedom and vitality for our counties, cities and citizens, quality education for all students, personal freedom and economic security, and a debt-free future for Arizona. As a veteran I know that we can, and need to, do more for our veterans to insure a proper level of healthcare and transitional services."