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AZ White Mountains Podcast

Feb 19, 2015

Birdman talks with John Zimmerman the Deputy Director of the Navajo County Health Department about the Measles and the MMR vaccination. Learn the facts concerning both the risk that Measles poses to the general public and the risks of the MMR vacination.

A lot of fear has been created over the years regarding MMR, mostly based upon a fradulant report regarding Autism. Arm yourself with the real facts regarding both MMR and the Measles, which remains a deadly disease.

During this interview several differeny reports are cited, while we are not required to cite these reports specifically we do so that you the listener can delve into the facts yourself.

Yes, the MMR vaccination does have risk, but if you compare them to over 145,000 deaths per year becuase of Measles you may reconsider avoiding vaccinations.


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