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AZ White Mountains Podcast

Jul 6, 2016

From The Chamber


Yesterdays luncheon featured the majority of men and women who are running for an elected office (Rim Country) in the upcoming elections. What did we learn ? We learned that every single one of the people who made time to be with us absolutely loves this county, these towns and its people. We learned that we fellow Gila county residents should be thankful that people like them live among us and we should find inspiration in their actions. These are not career politicians even though a few have been repeatedly elected to office. They are all business people, teachers, officers of the law, servicemen, book keepers, mothers, fathers and friends first. They don't make a living by being elected (ok technically the sheriff and possibly the supervisors but they aren't in it for the money) these are real people who care about Rim Country and their fellow citizens so much they're willing and wanting to do something to improve it. It's too bad we can't support them all.


In no particular Order, here are the Candidates that spoke -


Current Payson Mayor Kenny Evans running for District Supervisor

Former Payson Mayor and current TOP Mayoral Candidate

Current Town of Payson Vice Mayor and TOP Mayoral Candidate Michael Hughes

Current Start Valley Councilman and Candidate for re-election Gary Coon

Town of Payson Councilman Candidate Janell Sterner

Gila County Supervisor Candidate Woody Cline

Current School Board President and Town of Payson Councilman Candidate Barbara Underwood

Gila County Supervisor Candidate Tim Humphrey

Current Star Valley Councilwoman and Candidate for re-election Barbara Hartwell

Town of Payson Councilman Candidate Hallie Overman Jackman

Current Gila County Sheriff and Candidate for re-election Adam Shepherd

Current Town of Payson Councilman and Candidate for re-election Rick Croy

Gila County Sheriff Candidate Darrell Stubbs

Town of Star Valley Councilman Candidate Bobby Davis

Current Gila County Supervisor and Candidate for re-election Mike Pastor

Town of Star Valley Councilman Candidate Ray Armington for Star Valley Town Council

Town of Payson Councilman Candidate Kim Chittick